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To our valued clients,
As updates continue to come in about the Virus, COVID-19,  that I am sure you are all acutely aware of, we want to reach out to you and touch base on how this will be effecting our services and how we can best work together to ensure everyone's safety during these times. 

In the upcoming weeks, we would like to limit face to face contact with our customers as much as possible. If you have an emergency, need something delivered, or anything that you absolutely need assistance with we are here to help! It is important to us that you can rely on us for your needs as they arise. However, we do ask for your patience and understanding as emergencies will need to be prioritized and we will be limiting contact with our homeowners. We are hyper aware of the age demographic of both our clients and of our employees and the risk that accompanies a pandemic situation like what we are seeing. Your health, and the health of our employees is our highest priority. 

As of now we are remaining operational. I think we all understand the demands of springtime in this business and know that deadlines wait for nothing, so we will be doing our best to make sure that our schedule moves forward. Our employees have been advised and encouraged to take sick leave as soon as necessary. That being said, during this time we may experience a shortage of employees and we ask for your patience if things get behind schedule. 

We appreciate your understanding, we can work together as a community to stay as safe as possible!
~The Sonoran Dreams Family~


Hello Everyone!

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy, it seems to be a bit of a new greeting now-a-days. These are very scary times but we know that by working together as a community we will be able to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

As we all settle in to the Shelter-in-Place order, it has been determined that we can be and are considered an essential business. As of this point we are going to be staying in business, while practicing proper social distancing and following as many CDC guidelines as current stock will allow us. We are asking that homeowners use email for most, if not all, of their communication with us. Brandon is still accepting phone calls, however, as most of you know, Springtime is the busiest time of year for us and so one top the delays we were already experiencing to say that we are a bit over-encumbered would be an understatement.

Email communication at this point will remain the most efficient way for us to communicate your needs to our teams. We do ask that moving forward you include as much detail as possible with your requests. Written details and directions we can forward to our teams, as well as pictures and anything that could be helpful. We are trying to maintain as close to a zero contact policy as possible until conditions approve! 

We appreciate this communities kindness during these times more than we could begin to describe! You have shown incredible patience and understanding while we all navigate these times together and we truly our proud of this community. Let's remain strong and take this one day at a time!

As well, many thanks for your patience with us moving forward.

~The Sonoran Dreams Family~